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With excellent feedback from parents, we are confident that our learning system will help every child to improve. We believe that any kid can learn the Chinese Language if she or he has desire to learn. This belief, together with our passion for teaching children, inspire learning and love for Chinese.


Parents of Wu Haohao,P4(2016), ACS(J)

After attending tuition lessons at Dao Language Centre, we observed that Haohao’s Chinese proficiency improved significantly.

He became more enthusiastic and confident in learning the Chinese language. He developed skills in tackling the comprehension and composition components. He is able to connect his thoughts and understanding to the questions and to convey them more accurately in words. 

His Chinese teacher  is a very patient, encouraging and dedicated coach.. Haohao always looks forward to attending her class as she customizes learning experiences that are enriching, engaging and inspiring for him. 

We commend Dao Language Centre’s teachers for their excellent teaching, guidance and commitment to build a strong foundation for Haohao for his Chinese language skills.

Parents of Xiao Jun, P5(2017), Delasalle

Hi Angela, remember I told you Xiao Jun SA1 MCQ and comprehension he got very low score.

Today his MT teacher, pull him 1 corner to tell him his marks. She got a shock!! She ask Xiao Jun to believe in himself. Because, she believe he can do it! 

 I thank you so so much Angela. Now I can see the light!

His MT teacher still cannot believe her own eyes, Xiao Jun can get this score.She is in shock!!

謝謝 Ms Angela! 我很開心!Luckily found you!! We must press on Xiao Jun to be better. Yeah!! 



叶茂 Angela



                                      裴蕾 Pei Lei








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